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For an entrepreneur who plans to start an online business, Wix eCommerce is an end-to-end solution. With Wix eCommerce features, it becomes possible to launch, scale, and run your eCommerce website successfully.

Wix nowadays comes across as the to-go solution for an entrepreneur who wants to have his business, eCommerce, or a personal website up and running. 22 million mobile websites are created over Wix, and 45,000 Wix websites are created every day.

To create and run a successful website over Wix, it should have state of the art aesthetics and functionality. For the same, all aspects of the website should be optimized, SEO should be top class and coding should be clean. A professional company, such as Cyblance will be in the best position to create a winning website for your organization. You can hire Wix designer or Wix developer from Cyblance.

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Ecommerce Templates

Wix is well recognized for its aesthetic templates that meet user requirements in nearly all cases. They make it possible for a merchant to display his products nicely and meet a viewer’s preferences.

Wix has 500 templates in total, and 80 under the online store category. When one intends to start from scratch, one may choose to work over the blank template as well.

Wix templates are domain-specific, trending, and based upon the latest industry trends. They are customizable to let you come up with unique and winning Wix stores.

The best part about Wix templates is that they are 100% mobile-friendly and come with a dedicated mobile editor. It keeps the business coming from the vast majority of users who surf the web over their mobile devices. Adding images and product videos to a Wix template is easy. The drag and drop editor makes Wix templates beginner-friendly, and the need for coding is null for a basic Wix web mall.

Wix EditorX

There is nowadays no end to the number of devices that are used to browse the internet. Each of the devices has different resolutions. They present different possibilities for a developer to manage.

EditorX helps create a fully responsive Wix e-commerce website, and the website automatically adjusts to the device or the screen size they are viewed upon.

EditorX uses the latest innovations in design technology, such as breakpoint customizations, fluid sizing, and flexible grid and layouts. As a result, the website looks exactly as you desire, irrespective of the screen size or the device it is viewed upon.

With the high degree of customizations that EditorX makes available, a Wix designer can create his website in just the way desired. Elements can be modified or repositioned dynamically. They may be fixed or fluid.

EditorX’s flexible grids further enhance the degree of customization that a Wix designer conducts. One can also insert vector graphics taken from Wix’s media library. EditorX becomes particularly important if a fully responsive web design is quintessential for your website.

Tax Automation

Wix works with Avalara. It is third party software that automates taxing operations. Avalara however is available only for the websites that have upgraded to a Business Unlimited or a Business VIP Premium Plan.

Avalara reduces manual labor by providing tax rates on Wix eCommerce pricing in real-time. This ensures that tax is collected based upon the up-to-date tax rules. The need to calculate a store’s taxes manually is done away with.

Wix Payments and setup

Before a merchant accepts payments over his Wix website, he should upgrade to the premium plan for any Wix eCommerce payment methods to work.

Before getting started with selling, a merchant should be sure about how he is going to accept payment over the website. To accomplish the same, one goes to the accept payments tab, which is over the site’s dashboard.

In all likelihood, Wix will connect you to the best-suited providers within your region. Options may include Wix Payments, Wix’s own payment provider. Similarly, connecting to a third-party payment provider such as Square or Stripe is one of the Wix store payment options and helps accept Credit Card payments

Payments can also be accepted by PayPal. Customers can then pay by credit card even while they do not have a PayPal account. Manual methods of making payments, which are not tracked online, may also be used. A few such methods include bank transfers, checks, payment through apps, and cash.

Upon selecting this method, a customer will see instructions at the checkout. This will explain the ways to complete the payment.

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Selling on Wix

Sell on Wix

Online selling has persistently been commanding a higher market share by the year in retail shopping for the past two decades. Thousands of new eCommerce stores are set up each day.

To sell online, a merchant should set up an online store using any website builder, such as using Wix for eCommerce. As an easy to use drag and drop website builder, Wix is well recognized for its state-of-the- art themes. Storefronts are customized to match the look and feel of your brand, and Wix creates amazing galleries, collections, and product pages. One can display featured products in galleries. Multichannel sales are similarly achieved over social media channels, such as Instagram and Facebook.

Wix makes adding filtering and sorting options easy. One can also create a gallery for related products, personalized for each customer.

The checkout flow and cart page can similarly be optimized. The net amount, including product cost, shipping, taxes, discounts, and promo codes can be displayed on the checkout page. The mini cart allows shoppers to view and remove products from their Wix shopping cart and single-click checkout is enabled.

Other top features include Add to Cart button, which can be added on any site page, and special promos run to build customer loyalty. Customers can manage their profile information over a Wix website. Making a fast loading, aesthetic, and high performing website induces customer loyalty and enhances the chances of completing a sale. Good SEO keeps your website more accessible for the end customer.


Wix website builder allows a website to expand its functionality by enabling dropshipping operations. Dropshipping enables B2C and C2C sales over your eCommerce portal and allows third parties to make sales directly over your website.

Beyond expanding the functionality of a website, one can also create a Wix website that is based entirely upon the dropshipping functionality.

Dropshipping comes with the advantage that one is not required to manage the inventory, fulfillment, or shipping. Instead, one can set one’s own prices and maximize one’s profits. In dropshipping, customers place orders on your online portal, and the orders are then forwarded to suppliers. Suppliers ship directly to your customers

If you hire Wix developer, he will be in a better position to manage refined features such as dropshipping.

Print on demand

Wix gives you the liberty to print and sell your own products. This is accomplished with the aid of third-party websites such as Printful and Printify, which print products on demand and also oversee fulfillment. Print on demand is an implement of dropshipping.

There are over 200 products that you can customize and no end to what you can do with the custom designs. A merchant can hence sell masks, mugs, T-shirts, and duffle bags in different designs based upon seasons, and events such as Diwali and Christmas. He can create custom designs based upon the default customer profile visiting his store.

Services of professional Wix designer can come in to be handy for managing print-on-demand feature.

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Managing one’s Ecommerce Store

Wix makes numerous resources available for managing one’s store. One can process orders from the integrated Wix dashboard and handle shipping while using automation to send a tracking number to the end customer. A merchant can also outsource fulfillment by forwarding orders to suppliers. Suppliers and manufacturers can be managed from the system.

A merchant can manage 3PL services from the system, and fulfill orders using dropshipping. Wix eCommerce website makes sufficient provisions for managing online payments. A merchant can manage all transactions from a dedicated location. He can also manage his payout schedule and makes it daily, weekly, or monthly.

Monitoring and handling of refunds are simplified. Wix also makes a built-in chargeback dispute tool available for acting on chargeback claims from customers.

Despite prime features for store management made available by Wix, professionals’ services deliver the best results in this regard. So, one should hire Wix designer or Wix developer from a professional company such as Cyblance.

Promoting one’s Wix eCommerce store

Wix makes provisions available for promoting your store by creating targeted ads for social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram. Top features provided include audience targeting, ongoing A/b testing, and sales tracking. Wix uses powerful machine learning algorithms that optimize your ads to maximize performance. All a merchant needs to do is create an ad, define the audience, set the budget and track performance

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Wix store pricing

Wix makes four pricing plans available for creating your Wix Website, priced at $ 23, $ 27, $ 49 and Custom Pricing a month. One connects his domain in all plans, and all plans are billed annually.

$ 23 plan (Business Basic plan) is the most basic plan and comes with 5 Hours video minutes, free domain for 1 year and 20 GB storage.

$ 23 plan (Business Unlimited) is for Grow Your Business use. It comes with additional features such as 35 GB storage. The plan is free from Wix ads. One gets 10 Hours video minutes and free domain for 1 year.

$ 49 plan (Business VIP) is ideal for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Additional features include unlimited bandwidth, 50 GB storage, and Unlimited video hour. One can use the site booster app and visitor analytic app with this plan, and get first priority support with this plan.

Custom Pricing plan (Enterprise) gets VIP Support. Additional features include Custom storage, Unlimited video hours.

When you hire Wix website designer from Cyblance, you can be sure about having a website that delivers value and high ROIs for your business.

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