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The sale of used cars is catching momentum at all places in the world. A business can derive the maximum value from the trend by having a dedicated car dealer portal, app, or website for auctioning cars or vehicles of any type, based on their business model. Auctioning cars sells them quicker over regular sales channels, and you can set the base price as well. Cyblance is your preferred car auction website builder. With our versatile and innovative Car Auction Website Design and Development services, we come up with feature-rich solutions that are the best match for client requirements and help them clock more sales.

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Online Auto Auction Solution Development

Car Auction Bidding Website development is profitable for buyers as it allows them to place bids over cars without being physically present at the location. With Cyblance prior experience in the field, we are your preferred choice for developing a Vehicle Auction Platform for Car Auction Company. We know the workings of the industry and Create an Auto Auction Website that is ideally suited to your business model. Online Car Auction Website Design is further our core area of specialization, and we create catchy and clean designs that are intuitive, easy to navigate, and 100% mobile responsive. This makes your SEO-optimized car auction solution an outright winner. All solutions that we create are reliable, high-performing, and secure.

Auto Auction Software For Every Implementation

Towing/Salvage Auctions

We specialize in used auto auction website development for unclaimed towed cars or salvage cars. A buyer can come across a car that he had been looking out for long.

Online Open Bid

We create a Car Auction Solution for an online open bid. Ecstasy cars are auctioned here, and bidders from different geographies participate.

Traditional Lane Sale

We specialize in creating online Used Cars Auction portal Design for the traditional road to sale. Bidders check out the cars before placing bids and stand a chance to win their preferred cars.

High-Definition Simulcast

We create web applications for live onsite and online car auctions which make it easier for the people to check out the car they want to buy from the comfort of their homes.

Online Silent Bid

We develop car auctions website that makes facilities available for placing an online silent bid for bidders. The bidder placing the highest bid wins the auction and the car in this case.

White Label Auction

White Label auctions are broadcast live by the websites at a predefined time. We specialize in Vehicle Auction Portal Development for white label auctions.

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The Most Necessary Features For The Vehicle Auction Website

Fully Responsive Layout

We create an online car auction website with a fully responsive layout using the mobile-first approach. Your customers can access your online auction on the go.

Car Auction Mobile App

As your preferred car auction website builder, we create a feature-rich Car Auction Mobile App that works equally well across all browsers, screen sizes, and devices.

User Profiles/Shops

When we build an auto auction website for your business, it will involve user profiles or shops for individual users or entities to sell their car inventories.

Auction Expiration

We can add in features for auction expiration through our car auction website development services. Bids can be placed by bidders while the auction is live.

Star Rating System

Our Online Used Cars Auction portal Development services include creating a star rating system. Users rate the different dealers and their product for the benefit of other buyers.

Make an Offer Feature

With our vehicle auction website development services, we add in a feature that allows bidders to make an offer for a vehicle they want to win at an auction. The seller decides the winners after the auction finishes.

Private Messaging

Sellers can share a private message with buyers advertising their product at an online auto auction if the buyer has shared his requirements. Our Online Car Auction Website Development makes it possible.

Feedback and Rating System

Our car auction website design makes provision for nicely presenting the feedback, ratings, and images shared by buyers and sellers over your website. This makes your website come by as reliable.

Automatic Bidding

In automatic bidding, the bidder shares the highest price he is willing to pay for an item. When someone outbids him, the software increases the original bidder’s bid slightly.

Percent (%) fee per Auction

In our online vehicles Auction Website Development, we allow a website owner to determine the percentage fee per each auction that he would want to retain for providing his services.

Monetization Tools

We add different monetization tools for your website, such as accepting fees from buyers and sellers for listing over the platform, or each listing or transaction made.

Multiple Payment Options

Our buy and sell vehicles auction website development will include features for adding different payment gateways to your website, which makes your website more popular among buyers.

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Why Choose Cyblance for your Car Auction Website and App Development Company?

Our clients prefer us for used car auction website development and development of Online Auction Management System because our premium services deliver winning results for their solutions. In particular, our car and automobile auction website designs are remarkably aesthetic. The credible websites that we create promote quality assurance. Our work processes are organized and our knowledgeable team includes designers, team leaders, and account managers. All auto auction solutions that we create are Mobile Responsive, SEO Optimized, and Easy to Manage.

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