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Cyblance comes up with a professional app or website for your restaurant for boosting marketing efforts and sales, enhancing guest awareness and making your restaurant more efficient. We are demarcated by our professionalism and come up with unique and custom solutions that are the best match for your requirements. Our restaurant app or website designing services are end-to-end.

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How will my restaurant benefit from a restaurant website or app

Having a website and app delivers a range of typical advantages for an eatery business. Most importantly, it allows your restaurant to show up in local searches, irrespective of your operating domain. Currently, 46% of searches on Google are for local information. Similarly, having your restaurant website will allow you to make online deliveries, giving a significant increase in access to the default customer profile. While delivering a competitive edge, having its own website also puts a restaurant in direct competition with the bigger brands. A website will also allow a restaurant to use features such as offering online reservations.

Food delivery websites and apps with awesome features!

CMS Web Design

Online ordering

We specialize in custom food delivery website development where customers can order food or make online reservations at your eatery. We specialize in all aspects of such websites and apps, including custom aesthetics, payment gateway integration, ease of navigation and multi-seller food delivery websites.

CMS Website Development

Easy Menu Display

Restaurant website designs that we create for food delivery websites feature an easy menu display. Attractive display of food items and a matching, intuitive UI, along with catchy categories and subcategories tempts customers to order food.

CMS Customization

Social Media Integration

We also add in features such as social media integration for restaurant website development. This helps with the promotion of your restaurant, new additions, best deals and offers. A user can share social media updates, posts and notifications with a single click operation.

Enterprise CMS Services

Responsiveness and Mobility

Custom websites for restaurants that we create are mobile friendly and 100% responsive. They can be easily used across different mobile devices and screen sizes. This adds to customer delight and allows even more customers to access your website.

CMS Prototyping

Maintain customer database

With our advanced restaurant web development services, we add in features for maintaining a customer database. This allows a business owner to offer personalized service over restaurant websites and apps. When a customer orders food, his details can be auto filled. This adds to customer delight and induces customer retention.

Custom CMS Integration

Varied payment options integration

We efficiently and securely integrate your custom restaurant website with various payment options. They can be used by customers who order food online. This gives a customer more options to make a payment and adds to their delight.

CMS Migration

Referral feature

Our restaurant website design and development are feature rich. Based on customer requirements, we add referral features in the restaurant websites and apps. Referral programs can be used in several ways. If a customer gets additional customers by promoting your products on social media, he can get 50% off on the next purchase.

CMS Support and Maintenance

Push notifications mechanism

We specialize in mobile app development for restaurants and create Android, iOS, or hybrid apps, based on client requirements. We add in features for sending push notifications for customers who download your app. They can stay informed about the latest offers on the products that attract them.

CMS Social Media Integration

Focus on SEO

A custom website or app that we create for restaurant delivery is always SEO optimized using the best practices. This delivers a winning edge for your website or app and makes it more accessible for the end consumer.

CMS Social Media Integration

Newsletter Sign Up

When building a restaurant mobile app or website, we add features for newsletter sign up. This helps a business keep consumers engaged and send relevant CTAs for clocking higher sales. A consumer can also sign out of newsletter subscription service as and when required.

CMS Social Media Integration

Make Location Easily Accessible

We are the top restaurant mobile app development company and make a consumer’s location easily accessible when he orders food. This helps delivery personnel deliver the food, if the consumer wants the food to be delivered where he is located.

CMS Social Media Integration


As the top restaurant web design company, we create state-of-the-art imagery for your website or app. This includes a neat and intuitive user interface with sufficient blank spaces, ease of navigation, a well organized sitemap and aesthetically chosen multimedia elements such as images and videos. The solution is 100% personalized to meet your requirements and comes by as a true reflection of your brand.

CMS Social Media Integration

Event calendar

Through custom website development, we add an event calendar to your restaurant website or app. This helps share information about the trending events at your restaurant or café, such as free desserts or musical nights. The event calendars feature state-of-the-art custom aesthetics.

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Our Services for Restaurant Website development

WordPress CMS Development Services

Restaurant Website Design

We are the preferred website design company for creating restaurant apps and websites. All eatery website solutions that we create are 100% customized and fully responsive to be the best match for your requirements. Beyond state-of-the-art aesthetics, they feature a high functionality to capture a visitor’s preference. Website structure is invariably well organized.

PHP CMS Development Services

Custom website development

We conduct custom eatery website development that accentuates branding for your enterprise. Your best-in-the-class eatery website is easy to manage from the backend and will have all custom features that make it a winning solution. We also consult over the features that your website or app should have.

Wix CMS Development Services

On-premise food order POS development

Our food website development services include creation of software for POS terminal that is easy to use. This has features for accounting, and accepting payment in different forms, such as cash, card and Paypal. Similarly, the POS solution will have features for generating invoices, using coupon codes and running offers. We can also integrate the POS solution with your food delivery app or website.

Squarespace CMS Development Services

Inventory management solutions development

With our restaurant website development services, we add in high utility and easy to use inventory management solutions within your restaurant website or app. The consumer can see the number of items available in the inventory and an admin can edit the details from the backend. The information stays consistent for all users. We can also deliver a consistent inventory management solution for your POS terminal and food delivery website.

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Our Services for Restaurant Mobile app development

WordPress CMS Development Services

Restaurant finder app development

We are the preferred restaurant website and mobile app development company and create the ideally suited custom solutions based on your requirements. We can create a restaurant finder app for your business, which publishes reviews, ratings and customer testimonials of restaurants of different types at different locations.

PHP CMS Development Services

Food delivery app development

We can create a food delivery app for your business where customers can define the time when they want to have their meals or specialties like cakes delivered. We can also create an app for collecting Tiffin from people’s homes and delivering it to them in office.

Wix CMS Development Services

Food ordering app development

We specialize in food ordering app development, where customers can order food from the menus of the restaurants listed with you. They can make payment securely on the app using methods such as netbanking or credit and debit cards. You can also charge delivery fees and taxes, or have a food ordering app developed for your restaurant alone.

Squarespace CMS Development Services

Restaurant discounts app development

We develop restaurant discounts apps where a business can make restaurant discount coupons available at marginal prices. Bulk purchases for coupons may be distributed among employees or maintained for personal use. The app can also sell discount codes that may be used when ordering food online from certain restaurants.

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Complex and large scale Restaurant Web Application Case Study

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Why Choose Cyblance as your Restaurant website and app development company?

Cyblance is your preferred alternative for creating dynamic, innovative and custom restaurant websites and apps. We thrive in the expertise of developers and designers who are knowledgeable and have a proven relevant experience. Our work processes are well organized and all teams are headed by a team leader who oversees the progress of each project. We induce credibility in all projects we undertake and having your restaurant app or website made by Cyblance is an assurance of quality. You can also hire a restaurant website developer from us.

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FAQs on Restaurant website and app development

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  • Can you add in features for knowing order status, cancelling an order or changing an order for the end customer?
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