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Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

We respect all visitors and our clients and are committed to honoring and protecting their privacy. This document describes our privacy policies and practices regarding the collection and use of your personal data and how we process the information in the context of you accessing our websites. This sets out your privacy rights.

This Policy is applicable to:

Users and visitors, candidates and recipients, clients, our associated third parties, and the representatives of our business partners, associates, or vendors.

Information that we collect and retain

Whenever you use our applications or sites, we collect information regarding you. This is only the information that you willingly share with us.

From all users of the Website

Irrespective of whether you are an agency, freelancer, or a client, we collect personally identification information from you whenever you use our services. A few of the examples of such information include your name, company address, email address, etc.

While you are under no sort of statuary obligation to share any information, but a contractual obligation to do so is likely to arise when you use our services. Providing our services will be difficult for us unless you share personally identification information. You can contact us to know more about the consequences of withholding any such information.

We do not collect any personal identification information from minors. In case we discover that we have collected any such information from minors, we delete the information with an immediate effect.

Third parties may also provide us with personal identification information regarding you. We merge this information with our database of personal identification information that we already have about you.

From Client

From clients, we collect information such as your JD, your company information, requirements about services, and any permits or license-related information.

We might collect data that is associated with business affiliates or staff, including managers and directors. This information helps us communicate with authorized representatives on your behalf.

When you have an interview with us or offer feedback, we collect this information and analyze it, to improve the quality of our services.

The methods in which you use our services define how we collect and use the information.

If we collect any information from candidates or third parties, it is per this privacy policy. We may supplement this information with additional information received from third-party sources.

Whenever a candidate shares communication with us, we collect information. By using our platform and website as well, some information is automatically collected, which we store and use later to improve our services.

From Employee

We collect all information on employees' resumes, like their job experience, country of residence, and industry. We also collect PAN and Aadhar information, photo ids, address proof, DoB, work authorization status, etc.

But we do not collect any sensitive or financial information, like credit or debit card numbers, fingerprints, facial patterns, voice patterns, or any other biometric information. We also don't collect the passwords of your email accounts.

Use of the Information

All information that we gather from over our websites is used to:

How we Process and Protect Personal Information

All personal data that we collect is processed by us. This includes the data collected automatically. The purposes for the processing have been defined above. The data is retained for a short time only, after which it is deleted. This complies with our internal data retention policy.

We safeguard all data that you provide to us through physical, technical, and administrative safeguards. Our third-party service providers and we also collect data from you at all interactions with our platform, website, and app. This includes the ad that connected you to us, the OS that you use, the links that you click on, and the duration for which you viewed the pages. We also collect other critical information like the links that fail to respond and the response times. We combine this information with the other information that we collect from you and use it to improve our services, site functionality, etc.

We may ask for users to provide feedback on our services as and when deemed appropriate by our organization.

Your Rights

For the personal data that you provide to us as per the applicable laws, you enjoy some rights as well.

Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

In all regards, such as enforcement, interpretation, and validity, the Laws of India govern this agreement. In case a dispute arises among the parties regarding this agreement, then the dispute may be submitted only to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts of Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Links to Other Sites

We occasionally offer links to third-party websites over our website for simplifying finding information. But we withhold no liability for the information found over third-party websites. Your use of third-party links comes without any warranty from us.

Cookie Policies

Types & Uses

WCookies are data in small sizes and are stored over your PC or any device that you use for accessing the internet. The utilities of these small text files are many, such as making the website user-friendly, enhancing analytics, or analyzing visitors' use of the website. Among analytics cookies, an important kind is the Google Analytics cookies that analyze how a visitor uses the website. We improve our website using Google Analytics cookies. A range of third-party cookies is then used for social plugins, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

WThere are several types of cookies. Some include:

Terms of Use & Undertaking

By continuing to use our website, you continue to be bound by our privacy policy and find yourself in agreement with the same. While we make all attempts to keep our site and the services offered over it safe and secure, we cannot guarantee the continuous operation of our services or your continued access to the same. We also withhold the right to stop making our services available without giving any prior notice.

This privacy policy applies to all our clients and visitors to our website. All of their rights and obligations are mentioned herein, within this document.

Terms of Use

Our website is bound by the following terms of use:


Intellectual Property Rights

Confidential Information

Confidential information, here, refers to all communication, written and oral, along with our trade secrets. Online assessments and the results of the same are also included. Similarly, non-public information that we disclose to you while we take your interview is also included.

All confidential information is solely our exclusive property and will continue to remain so.

You also take an undertaking to withhold confidential information confidentially. This prevents you from putting the confidential information for any commercial or personal use or disclosing it to a third party under any circumstances.

You take an undertaking to not modify, disassemble, reverse engineer or create other works using our software or prototypes.

Limitations of Liability

Under no circumstances whatsoever, our directors, staff, or ourselves may be held liable to any third party or yourself for any nature of damage caused to your business owing to the content over our website or from your use of our website.


To safeguard your information against all types of unauthorized access, we use strict security precautions. With the encryption that we provide, the information stays secure against access, both internally and externally. The only employees who have access to your personal identification information are the ones who need to work with it. These employees, too, are bound by a confidentiality obligation. In case they fail to meet these obligations, they risk termination and criminal prosecution. We make our best attempts to ensure that your personal identification information stays strictly secured. To achieve the same, we use high-security protocols.

Changes to this Policy

The date of the last policy update has been mentioned above. To check for any changes or updates in our privacy policy, we recommend that you check it from time to time. Since the provisions in this privacy policy are subject to change without providing prior notice, checking for updates becomes your sole responsibility in its entirety.

No Licenses

We grant no licenses, in any way, under any trade secret, trademark, copyright, or patent, or through any other rights, by disclosing confidential information with you.

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