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Cyblance established as best Laravel development company India by offering a top-notch solution in Laravel. By offering the rapid and robust solution in Laravel, we are able to reduce the cost and time for the web applications development. Cyblance using all latest Laravel version to get all the newest features and techniques which gives leverage over other companies.

Cyblance’s Laravel developers are highly skilled and experienced one to handle any complex project at any stage. We have a very high success ratio in Laravel app development for the project from scratch as well as maintenance work.Cyblance’s Laravel niche solution emerged as top Laravel web development company in India as well in the globe.

Cyblance as Laravel application development company solution

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Why Cyblance opted Laravel as its core web development work

Laravel Application Development

Compatible Documentation

Taylor wrote this document and it became a success factor. This document got very familiar. Certainly, developer can relate it to previous versions. Even more, the coding style and commenting system are consistent.


OO Libraries

Most importantly, Laravel simplifies the developers with Object Oriented Libraries and this is a unique feature of Laravel. This feature is exclusively available in Laravel only. It is really easy to implement and has many progressive features like checking active users, password reset, hashing, Cross-site Request Forgery Protection, encryption, etc.



Because of difficulty, Code representation in the database helps any new developer in explaining methods, sharing the SQL dump. This helps to database consistency in across the team.

Laravel Maintenance & Support


For people who want to learn Laravel the new code or syntax, tutorial videos are available which are developed and maintained by Jeffery. This Laravel tutorial is called, ‘Laracasts.’

Laravel Maintenance & Support

Database Seeding

Synchronization of data between the database and various development machines is one of the most difficult tasks. But, Laravel allows easy migration, to install all the changes into any other machine



Newest installation of Laravel gives the flexibility from rewriting new authentication code for every new app development.



The killer feature of the Laravel is a great help to developer while developing any API services.

Laravel Maintenance & Support


It is the inbuilt tool of Laravel that interacts with the framework by using command code line to create and consequently, it handles the project environment. This tool allows the developer to perform the unessential tasks which might be avoided in manual.

Laravel Maintenance & Support

Blade templating engine

Laravel’s rich template engine “Blade” allows the developer to work with typical PHP/ HTML code in a better manner.

Laravel Maintenance & Support


Laravel uses salted and hashed password. Thus, password is never saved in plain text and it uses bcrypt hashing algorithm for generating the password. It includes,

  • Firstly, Configuration,
  • Secondly, Storing Passwords,
  • Likewise, Authenticating Users,
  • At last, Protecting Routes.

Why Cyblance for your next Laravel development team?

  • No setup cost is required
  • Daily basis progress report
  • One developer can work on multiple projects
  • Free Project Management support to make sure project executed smoothly and risk free
  • Free Quality Assurance support to make sure resultant output should be bug free
  • Basecamp project tracking support by which you can assign task to developer
  • Time doctor support by which you can easily track developer’s all activities and see progress.
  • Jira Support for Bug tracking
  • Team is available to talk whenever needed through Skype or Phone

Laravel Developer Skills

  • Strong grasp on PHP as a language and knowledge of its quirks
  • Knowledge of object-oriented PHP programming
  • Strong knowledge of Laravel and its extensive feature set
  • Understanding of basic Laravel conventions and patterns
  • Knowledge of Laravel Database Migration
  • Knowledge of Laravel Eloquent
  • Knowledge of Laravel In-built Libraries
  • Knowledge of Laravel suite of helpers and their use in the presentation layer
  • User authentication and authorization between multiple systems, servers, and environments
  • Understanding accessibility and security compliance

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Domain expertise

  • Real estate & Vacation rental
  • Finance
  • Dating
  • Booking inventory
  • Education Portal
  • News and online Magazine
  • Social networking
  • Custom CRM
  • Ecommerce
  • Affiliate system
  • Custom Business Application

Laravel dedicated development Methodology

  • Fixed Cost Model
  • Dedicated Development Model
  • Hourly basis Model

How Cyblance Laravel development Team work?

How Cyblance Laravel development Team work

Tools we use for the dedicated development and Project Management



Reporting and Project tracking


Time Doctor

Project Management, Screen monitoring and effort review



For Communication



Bug Tracking Software

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