TTMS ( Transport Tracking and Management System) is a company which provides a platform to the customer to give order for transfer move, the move is assigned to dispatch and dispatch can assign load transfer responsibility to the driver. The customer can see real-time time tracking of the driver and get load updates.

TTMS , Transport Tracking and Management Web application

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    United States of America

Existing System

  • NO software everything managed through paper
  • Client has setup operators, who are calling to drivers, dispatch, and customer to get/give them updates, so much money, cost and effort were wasted there.
  • No real-time tracking of driver
  • Customer has to rely on operators and has to call them
  • The customer can not place an order directly and they need to call and payment to the office then work started. The customer has no historical data for the move.
  • Dispatch has to manage driver inventory through the paper and need to update operator which is a really cumbersome job.
  • The website is not compatible with mobile or tablet.
  • Driver is spending more time than expected since no real-time tracking there. They are updating operators for all activities, operators were maintaining those logs and updates to customers and dispatch.
  • The customer has to rely on operators, no tracking.
  • Admin(owner) has don’t have a centralized system by which he can execute everything smoothly. He has to rely on staffs to get a report on a small item.

Proposed Solution

Customer friendly

The customers and brokers will be able to directly upload moves or get a quote using our website or your own.

The customers will be able to trace their loads directly from any device with the web access. This is accomplished by giving them a tracking number, therefore allowing them to trace their loads, not your trucks, in real time, based on load status and location.

Free tech support

We will integrate and set up our load tracking software into your website at no extra charge. If you have no website, you can use ours. (We can also build one for you for a nominal fee) Once the load has been completed, your truck location is no longer visible to the customer.

Mobile app support

With the help of our app, installed on your Apple device (iPhone, iPad, or iPad mini) your drivers will be able to accept moves, update their pick-up/delivery status, add notes and proof of delivery.

They can take pictures of door seals, loaded trucks or damaged items, and attach it to the assigned move directly and in real time right on their handheld devices.

Delivery solution

Once the load is delivered, customers will be able to see and/or print proof of delivery instantly.

Dispatch updates

Dispatches will get automatic notifications about possible detention after 1 hour 45 min from driver’s “arrive at customer” status update.

Final Solution

Dispatch uploads themove information

Move information is being send to the driver that dispach select from the driver's list. Driver accepts the load

Driver updates status of the
load accordingly

Driver can add notes

And add signatures

Customer enters traking numer and sees where the load is well as all notes, signatures pictures and proof of delivery added by a deiver

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