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About Project

The client is looking for a website that offers complete real estate solutions. The website should cater to the requirements of real estate buyers, sellers, leasers, renters, and brokers. It should be easy to use for all these parties. They should be able to navigate easily, add property listings with images and descriptions, check prices and availability of properties, subscribe to plans, make payments, and use the website’s functionalities. The client also wants an automated CMS solution that enables easy social media postings from the backend.

Major Requirements

  • The client wants the system to manage all real estate postings. Such a system needs to be created.
  • A platform where sellers can post real estate posts and buyers can search and inquire needs to be created.
  • Broker accounts that make group posting possible need to be created.
  • Easily accessible and high functionality monthly plans for sellers and brokers, for the website’s monetization, need to be created.

Proposed Solution

Property Searching:

Searching for properties is easy for all website visitors as aided by robust cross-search features, that include location, type of property, floor area, number of rooms, and furnished/unfurnished/semi-furnished.

Property Listing:

A broker, seller, or leaser can make property listings easily by logging into his account and selecting the make listings option. He can add images, descriptions, and information relevant to the property.

MLS integration:

Through MLS integration, the business owner can automatically import and publish his listings and the ones that belong to other real estate professionals on his website.

Buyers or Broker dashboard:

A dedicated dashboard is created for all individual buyers and brokers. Buyers can access active projects and new listings according to their search criteria. Brokers can access active projects, completed projects, customer queries, leads, and add property listings.

Sellers Dashboard:

A seller can see his activity history and manage active projects from the seller’s dashboard. He can also get details of the interested parties and respond to their queries or contact them directly if required.

Interactive Maps:

The website features interactive maps that have clear markings for all roads and landmarks. They come to be useful for all website users. Sellers, leasers, and brokers can mark the location of their property listings. This helps buyers and renters when they conduct a property tour. It helps them find properties that capture their interest.

Admin features for managing websites, settings and reports:

The admin dashboard simplifies managing the listings and the entire website for an admin. He can create or change featured listings, add suggested properties to each listing, manage the number of listings per page, run offers, create automated notifications, or make seasonal changes in the user interface. At the admin dashboard, an admin can also generate or receive custom reports for making data-based business critical decisions.

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