Education International

Education International(EI), a nonprofit organization based in Brussels, Belgium which represents teacher organizations across the world.

As an international organization, EI rely on our web presence to interact with our target audience. Cyblance has developed various web properties to highlight our research materials and organize events.

Other projects include campaign websites or opinion blogs, in which I typically provide conceptual development and wireframes and Cyblance builds the final product. They essentially provide a full-cycle development service.

Education International, custom education portal

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    Education | Custom Web application | Custom CMS
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    PHP | laravel | HTML5 | Responsive | Web
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    United Kingdom

Existing System Problems

  • They have 20+ different websites which were using different databases, so need to maintain all website content separately so there is a good amount of manual work for maintaining a website.
  • All websites news and content are closely related and common, but still, need to maintain differently
  • Few website designs are outdated it’s not matching with actual brand.
  • Author, Editor, and Publisher having different account to manage websites and they are using different software like Joomla, WordPress so it hard to use and maintain
  • Websites are often crashed due uneven database load or software version out date
  • No single platform to manage news, events, videos, photos, dossiers, and newsletters
  • The website is not compatible with mobile or tablet.
  • Some places functionality flows not properly maintained so it’s not user-friendly or as per latest trend.
  • Existing website don’t have better user access system for Admin
  • Existing website don’t have proper tracking report or statistics.

Proposed Solutions

Common platform for all websites

We built a common database for all websites so rather than managing different
places, client can manage everything in one place.

Provided various filter to locate the articles, news etc

We have provided different find kind of filters and tags so articles for common purpose can relate easily
with each other and end user can locate news item, articles very ease.

Single account to manage multiple websites and mobile app

Publishers, Editors, and Admin have a single account to manage multiple websites and mobile data using single data time.

Mobile solutions

New website is responsive as well it has mobile and tablet application so it can be accessed easily in mobile and tablet.

Better statistics and reports

In the system , we are offering various graphs and reports by which client can track website data
with ease which was missing in the earlier system.

Solid User access and control system

We have introduced new user access level system by which Super Admin can define
each user access level and its rights for the module, by which user wise roles,
rights and responsibilities properly assigned & maintained.

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