A million voices, Media driven android application

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    Education | Online Audio Streaming | Video Streaming
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    PHP | Responsive | Web
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    United States of America

About Project

“A million voices” is an app that allows anybody to easily participate in Education International’s Unite for Quality Education campaign. Millions of images, backed by thousands of statements and stories of teachers’ daily work to provide quality education – presented to the United Nations in a huge video wall – participate now!

Exclusive features

  • The client can define all content like documents, agenda and other content from backend which will displayed at Android APP using web service.
  • Application offers multilingual support
  • Application offers session based login and logout features.
  • User can upload video , record video  and publish to app
  • User can upload audio, record audio  and publish to app
  • User can upload photos and publish to app
  • Application has large wall where combination of audio , video and photo files are displayed through grid
  • Application is created also for tablet

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