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About Project

The client (Ascent) is looking for its own Survey Website that offers complete online survey solutions for companies. This is aimed towards allowing researchers to have a quicker, more flexible, and effortless access to business-critical information. Herein, both, high-value, internal, and external surveys can be designed and distributed easily.

Proposed Solution

Admin Side Solutions

Email Template Setup:

We will set up different email templates for the admin. This way, an admin can send emails to stakeholders or the users, requesting them to take a survey, for user registration or any other corporate communication.

User Management:

Our solution features robust solutions for user management. An admin can see user profiles using an integrated dashboard and send them the surveys that they would like to complete. Sending mass emails or single emails from a dedicated dashboard is also simplified. Profiles include user names, company, designation, and contact details. Searching among the profiles is easy.

Stakeholders Management:

Our solution empowers the admin to manage all stakeholders from a single dedicated dashboard. Stakeholders’ profiles can be adjusted and they can be granted text box support as well, such that they can offer feedback in real-time.

Creating And Managing ESG Aspects:

We have created a dedicated portal over the solution for comprehensively managing all Environmental, Social, and Governance (ECG) aspects. An admin can create, edit or delete an aspect, or use them as a checklist for gauging or creating surveys.

Survey Report Generate:

We have created a dedicated portal over the solution wherein an admin can generate detailed reports for internal use, forwarding to the relevant stakeholders or marketing purposes. The admin generates a monthly report for any year and company operating in any industry. The reports are for any group of stakeholders.

Create Custom Survey:

An admin can create and store a custom survey template for any company. This will involve several questions concerning stakeholders, ESGs, or other aspects such as Food, Safety, and Health. Such templates help with designing a unique survey for the future.

Profile Manage:

An admin with the related privileges can manage the profiles for a range of entities, such as other admins, stakeholders, users, and companies.

User Side Solutions

Take Survey:

On the user side of the survey, an end-user will take the survey sent over to him and respond to the subjective and objective type questions. He can also choose the survey he would want to take or communicate with the admin.

Survey Invitation Sent Functionality:

A user, which will be Ascent’s client, can send surveys to the preferred end users with a single click operation, inviting them to take the survey.

Survey Report Check:

A user can check the survey report and grasp actionable insights from the graphical depictions in the survey reports. He can also forward the survey report to the relevant or all stakeholders. Creating survey reports for a user, some users, and users from particular demographics is easy, based on the month and year of the completion of the surveys.

User Profile manage:

A privileged user can manage the profile of other users or end-users, and grant them specific privileges based on the requirement.

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