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About Project

Latcareers is a job posting website, and the client requires some improvements over the website. He is looking for design changes and functionalities for messaging and calling, such as group chat, personal chat, voice calling, and video calling.

Existing System

  • No online job fairs take place on the website. All job fairs are conducted offline, where employers & employees need to be physically present at the venue locations.
  • Clients have been set up only for online user registrations. The registered users need to go to the mentioned venue location for attending offline job fairs.
  • During offline job fairs conducted at specified venue locations, interview rounds are held in person. It is only thereafter that the selected candidates are announced. This is a time and money-consuming activity for candidates and hiring managers alike. The costs associated with the venue, transport, and resources are being wasted here.
  • During the pandemic situation, the gathering of plenty of job seekers & employees is no longer possible.
  • No virtual communication system exists between the users in the system.
  • There are no specific packages available for employees to participate in virtual job fairs.
  • The existing payment methods do not include payments for virtual job fair packages by employers. This needs to be updated.
  • Online communication of Jobseekers with employees and Admin is not a part of the system.
  • No Group chat functionality is available for the admin and all registered employees and jobseekers to communicate on a single platform.
  • The employers and Job Seekers are not able to communicate with each other personally via text messaging using the existing system.
  • The employers and Job Seekers are not able to communicate with each other personally via text messaging using the existing system.
  • There is no available messaging system, where a single registered user can communicate via messaging with multiple users simultaneously.
  • The Existing system does not have video calling & voice calling features to make virtual interviews possible

Proposed Solution

Customer Friendly

Specific packages need to be made available for employees to participate in virtual job fairs. Mass mailing feature is a trending and time-saving feature for job candidates, wherein they can apply for multiple jobs at the same time. Employers can similarly conduct mass mailings for inviting potential candidates to connect, in a time and effort-saving procedure.

Mobile App Support

Mobile app support gives customers access on the go for the website, to let them search for candidates, apply for jobs and connect with employers and employees over their mobile devices.

Group Chat Feature for Mass Communication Between Employees & Jobseekers

Group chat functionality will resolve a range of pain points, such as employers conducting group interviews, two hiring managers interviewing a single candidate, and the admin conducting a group meeting with the employers.

Admin Panel

Admin panel for the website admin would feature a list of registered users. It makes a range of functionalities available for the admin, such as sending messages to group chat and blocking or unblocking users.

One to One Messaging System For Interviews Via Text Messages

When a job seeker comes across a job profile that interests him, he can ping the employer. Similarly, when an employer figures out a suitable candidate, he can ping the candidate.

One to One Voice Call & Video Call Functionality for Interviews

Conducting face-to-face interviews is not always a feasible arrangement for the parties involved. Video and voice calling arrangements give access to more candidates for employers. This feature may alternately be used for conducting preliminary interview rounds.

Payment Solution

A payment solution needs to be created, wherein the client gets payment from the employer for posting jobs.

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