EI Human Rights Barometer

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    Android | Mysql | Web service | PHP
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    United Kingdom


Through its research and analytical tool, the Barometer of Human and Trade Union Rights, Education International provides a comprehensive report of the quality of education and respect for human and labour rights in countries around the world. As well as examining all levels of education, from early childhood to tertiary, it explores a whole array of issues that concerns the global education sector today, such as academic freedom, gender equality, students with special needs, refugee and minority children, and child labour.

Exclusive features

  • The client can define all content like documents, agenda and other content from backend which will display at Android APP using web service.
  • Application offers multilingual support
  • User can logged in access some important documents
  • The application offers session based login and logout features.
  • Application is created also for tablet
  • Country wise article support which is managed through website via webservice
  • Country wise various statistics report available
  • Country wise filtering and searching and listing

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