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About Project

The LoveComplement already has a website that deals with plant-based products, with a goal to take care of the environment and to have better health. They mainly deal with three essential nutrients that vegans need, i.e., B12, Vitamin D3, and DHA/EPA Omega 3. 

LoveComplement wants all the three components in the purest form, and they thrive on knowing what’s exactly in the product and from where it came from so that you can have sound health. They always make sure that their products come through cruelty-free ways.

Every product is gone through a rigorous checking process to ensure that it contains what is required and doesn’t contain anything it shouldn’t. LoveComplement always maintains the high standards of their products, so that you and your kids get sufficient for what is required.

A very novel thought LoveComplement has got, but their website and e-commerce system are outdated now, and they want to update it with the new system.

Existing System

  • Their existing system is outdated now, and they need to adopt new e-commerce techniques.
  • The LoveComplement website needs to be updated with a trendy and friendly design.
  • They want to provide a full and easy e-commerce solution, but there is no such existing mechanism.
  • There is not any product review page available on their existing website.
  • The client offers a friendly marketing system, but there is no drip mechanism integrated into the system.
  • The client wants to publish regular articles related to their products and offerings, but no such mechanism is available.
  • The CMS panel is outdated, and it should be updated with a new content management system.
  • The client wants the website should work well on mobiles, so website pages need to be redesign.
  • The existing payment method is outdated and needs to be updated.

Proposed Solution

Shopify Selection

With the help of Shopify e-commerce platform, the website is integrated with the latest e-commerce trends, and users can easily select and buy products. It also provided the currency convertor solution so that customers from any country can shop easily in their currencies.

Updated Website Theme

The website is updated with a user-friendly design, and customers can smoothly go through the various corners of the website.

Integrated E-commerce Solution

Shopify offers a new e-commerce system makes it easy to set flexible shipping rates and automated carrier shipping rates. Shopify integrated ecommerce solution helped the customers to select the products in the cart for later buying. Every page, transaction information, credit card are secured with high-level protection.

Checkout Page Upgrade

We have implemented the latest payment recurring tools like – Recharge & Carthook, using Shopify.  Now customers can receive automated shipping from major carriers, using more than hundred payment gateways. Shopify also handles state tax rates, based on country. It also helps in recovering lost sales by sending automated emails to customers. We have further upgraded the payment system using third-party tools like for recurring payments

  1. Recurring Payment and Customization – The Carthook & Recharge offers customers the post-purchase upsells in Shopify checkout for the first time.
  2. Subscription Product Customization – With the new upgraded system, customers can easily buy one time or can subscribe for some duration to get products.

Blog Page Space

The CMS panel is upgraded using shopify, and now the client can easily write and post articles and blogs at regular intervals.

Integrated Social Media Platforms

The website is now integrated with various social media platforms so that they can launch multiple campaigns related to their products.

Customized Website Pages

The website is equipped with various customized pages, especially for every category, product, etc.

Drip Integration

The website is integrated with a third party tool to launch and create automated marketing campaigns.

Attractive Product Videos

The website’s product page is integrated with engaging product videos to attract more customers.

Product Review Solution

The review section is introduced on the website so that happy customers can write product reviews.

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