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About Project

Carrie Luxem is a Restaurant Human resource expert. She is offering consulting service to restaurants for improving their sales, payroll, hr, leadership, performance, benefits etc. She wants to create a web application by which she can offer this service efficient way and offer membership service.

Existing System

  • Client doesn’t have any website so wants some sort of website where she can let other people about herself and her work
  • She wants to offer membership to users to give more benefits but there is no mechanism
  • She wants to offer regular newsletter to all subscribed user
  • She wants to publish regular articles, wants some sort of mechanism by which user can easily find relevant articles
  • She wants to publish regularly video for his users
  • She wants to mechanism for webinar on the website
  • She wants to offer membership functionality by which only paid member can access specific area
  • She wants to offer functionality by which she can set up HR form backend which will be available for members
  • She wants her website should work well on mobile and tablet device, that means should be responsive.

Proposed Solution

Articles and Blogs

With help of WordPress CMS, provided a solution by which client can post articles and blogs.

With help of proper category and filtration, articles can be searched easily.


Provided a solution by which client can publish youtube videos which will be displayed on the website


Provided solution by which client can offer paid membership to the user. The user can subscribe to the membership. We added security layer in the system by which free users will not able to check the data which is available for the paid member.

HR Forms and Newsletter

Provided a solution by which client can upload HR form as per category which will be available to members.We also integrated MailChimp integration for the newsletter.

Mobile Compatible site

The website is created in the responsive format, that means it’s compatible with tablets or any other mobile device easily.

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