Rosewood Auction Website Case Study

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About Project

The Client is looking for his own Auction Website that offers complete Online Auction Solutions given by us. The website is to connect buyers with sellers of quality goods. Where buyers have the ability to cost the price that Buyer wants to pay and Seller can set up a price range according to the product he wants to sell.

Proposed Solution

Buyers Solutions

Easy Way To Track And Search Lots:

As a buyer, you have the ability to cost the price that you want to pay, the buyer can easily track the product and search lots accordingly .At an auction, you are assured that the sales price reflects true market value.

Lots Interactive Information With Details:

In the lot listing page,Buyer can see lot multiple images uploaded by seller, also lot full details can be read in the description, and Buyer can bid as well.

Bidding Mechanism:

  • Online

    Bidders can now easily buy the product online as it saves time and effort, convenience of shopping at home, Get detailed information about the product,Online transaction can be done.

  • Time only

    Time auctions run for a defined period of time, allowing bidders to register and place maximum bids on items with confidence.

  • Online and Time only

    Once you list your item for sales then the time slot starts working and it closes once the time duration completes so the bidder have time to check it out before they decide to bid.

  • Offline

    In offline auctions , the bidders are given a chance to examine the items put for sale, can ask questions about them beforehand.It gives them the idea about the type of things that they want to be in the auction.

Online Payments For Lots:

For lot Buyer will bid and seller will approve to buyer, he can do direct online payment for that lot to seller, We implement 3rd party integration is setted up for Payment sent and accept.

Track Lots:

Online Buyers can track the order status and delivery status tracking of shipping is also available.

Interactive Reports:

Buyer can check, a payment status report also will be able to see the reports of buying an item list details which is customized

Seller Solutions

Upload Lots:

When a seller uploads a lot he can set a price range according to which he will have to sell the product and he can be able to write a lot details and upload images as well.

Check Lots Status If Sold Or Not, Interactive Payment Reports:

Once the item is uploaded he will be able to check lots status whether it’s sold or not, and see if the payment is done.

Admin Solutions

Manage Buyer And Seller :

The admin can manage the buyer and seller, also track all activity for the buyer and seller , get required information whenever it’s needed.He can manage the Whole site which includes banning bidders, setting reserves and opening bids, uploading lot pictures and embedding videos,setting the closing time for the auction; adding up the lot description.

Manage Content Of The Site:

The admin will manage website content of the website through a content management system developed by Cyblance.

Interactive Reports Including Payments, Buyers, Sellers, Auctions, Lots all Details:

Admins have to manage all the reports including payments, work with the description of auctions,categories,lots,date & time , tracking lots and shipping.