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About Project

Mychequemate is a web application which educates student to understand value for money fun way. The main goal of this application is parent can provide training to child to earn money, save it, share it and save it.

Client's requirement

  • Client has rough idea about requirement, nothing more than that. Our Job is to understand his concept and need to give shape of actual software.
  • Client wants to assign point system to kid whenever kids complete any activity and negative points for incomplete work.
  • Client wants separate parent and kids account, where parent will give assignment to kids and kids need to complete that assignment, at the end of assignment, there is going to be reward.
  • Client wants to set up the chore mechanism between parent and kids which was very complex.
  • Client wants to exchange unique idea mechanism between parent and kids.
  • The client wants to set up scheduler for kids which was a very interesting concept.
  • Client wants to set up online banking between parent and kids.
  • The client wants to set up contract system between parent and kids for various tasks.

Proposed solution

Parent and Kids account

Provided mechanism by which the parent can register in the website and
add their child’s account and also assign various activities to child and monitor them.

Points system

Provided best solutions by which client can give rewards
to kids for his best work and also encourage him/her to do more stuffs in future.

Unique chore system

The parent can assign daily, weekly or monthly chores to the client, the child has to report.
End of the event, client will submit feedback of chores. Parents can assign
various rating depend on child performance.


Kids can suggest an idea for improvements and parents can accept or reject it. Based
on parents action points will be rewarded to kids account.

Virtual bank accounts

Provided a solution by which kids can create a bank account, safe deposit and also
use virtual ATM machine. Kids have to sign loan contract if needs money
and parent has to accept it.


The website offers various kind of contracts between parents and kids, Kids must
need to complete contracts. Its signed by both parties. In the event of violation of
contracts, there is clause related action need to take care of the same.

Online scheduler

Provided solution by which parent can assign daily, weekly and monthly task to kids, kids has to complete
within time interval, on the event of completion of kids will be rewarded. We have provided different weekly,
monthly and daily calendar to manage this stuff.

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