Fact sheet about Cyblance

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  • Shadab Shaikh

    Managing Director, Project Manager
  • Huma Shaikh

    Finance Head
  • Anil Dobariya

    Team Lead, UI/UX development
  • Vipul Khodifad

    Team Lead,Custom Web application development
  • Aatif Ansari

    Team Lead, Custom Web application development
  • Dhaivat Khanpara

    Team Lead, Mobile application Development
  • Bindu Jani

    Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Heelag Vadgama

    Business Development Executive
  • C J Reddy

    Business Analyst

Life @ Cyblance

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." -Helen Keller

Business Models & Development Strategy

Fixed cost


a client has a clear-cut idea about requirement and requirement is not much complex.


If client change requirement, if it's not part of original scope then the client needs to pay for that work.

Development is bound to project scope.


  • Free Project management support.
  • Free QA support.

Maintenance Package


The client needs monthly or weekly fixed hour support to entertain their bugs, content, photos etc make website up to date.Minimum package value is 10 hours/week.


  • Free Project management support.
  • Free QA support.

Dedicated resource or team


The client has ongoing work for one website, product or multiple websites. it's the best way to develop product/website step by step.


  • Daily basis reporting.
  • The client can change requirement anytime and the client has full flexibility to take the decision.
  • Free Project management support.
  • Free QA support.

Clients speak about Cyblance

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